Solid Applications

Want to be a beta tester for new and innovative applications on Solid? Using your Solid Pod, you can try out the applications below. The Solid consumer ecosystem is still developing, but these applications begin to show what's possible when people control their own data.

Media Kraken and an illustration of a happy red octopusMedia Kraken

MediaKraken allows you to track your favorite movies. Created by Noel de Martin.

Logo for darcyDarcy

Darcy is a truly decentralized social media platform where you can see and make posts. Created by the Darcy Team (

Title: OhMyPod! and an illustration of a person holding a newspaper saying, "Hey, friend!"OhMyPod!

OhMyPod! is an application being developed to improve the user experience so it is easier and clearer for each user to interact with their Solid Pod. Created by Astrid Gamoneda Arruñada and Empathy

LiqidChat, available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play StoreLiqidChat

A simple chat for friends with Solid Pods, complete with notifications. Created by Jackson Morgan and O.

Inox: See what happened to your data. Connect your Solid Pods and get a complete overview of your personal data. A button says, "Open demo (alpha)" and a link underneath says "Or get an answer to frequently asked questions"Inox

Inox allows you to connect your Solid pods and get a complete overview of your personal data. Created by Digita.

A screenshot of the front page of PennyPenny

Penny is a tool for developers of Solid apps. It allows you to inspect the data on your Pod and, if you have the appropriate permissions, modify and add new data. It presumes familiarity with the concepts of Solid.

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