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Athumi, Inrupt, and Cronos Groep extend partnership, cementing Flanders as a leading pioneer in the next-generation data economy

The three-year partnership ensures that companies across a myriad of sectors in Flanders, Belgium can leverage Athumi's Solid Pod platform to support trusted data sharing and collaboration that mutually benefits Flemish organizations and citizens.
March 20, 2024
Athumi and Inrupt have renewed their partnership with a multi-year commitment in order to meet the demand for B2B adoption of Solid Pods in Flanders. The Cronos Groep also reaffirms its commitment to Solid and Athumi’s success by continuing to provide the managed services and support for Athumi’s Pod platform.
Athumi’s Pod offering enables companies to get their customers' consent to access personal data in order to provide better and more personalized services. Personal datastores build trust by giving consumers control over their data, while also giving companies the opportunity to access premium, first-party data.

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