“Solid has become the vital next layer of the web stack.”

- Sir Tim Berners-Lee
Solid has extended the web to include identity management, access control and universal standards for data. These capabilities decouple data from applications so that data is organized around individuals.

The Solid Pod model connects people to their data

Solid Pods are personal data stores that provide a place to access, update and share data.

Organizations deploy Solid to transform complex user data challenges into true customer relationships.

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New connections, new value

Man standing in a field of siloed data. Data is separated, difficult to keep track of and update because they are stored by different companies.
Locked in Silos
Personal data is locked in backend systems — hard to protect, maintain and update.
Man standing inside a hexagon (which represents a Pod) with all his data located inside the Pod. Organizations request access to his data and he can choose to share.
Adding Solid
Expand what you can do with user data when users share what’s relevant and up-to-date. Provide individualized customer experiences.

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