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VITO creates Solid-based system for sharing personal health data

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Government of Flanders & Athumi

Flanders Government strengthens a trusted data economy with Inrupt’s Enterprise Solid Server

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BBC Together (BBC R&D)

The BBC shows its audience the future of personal data access and consent

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The BBC uses interoperable Solid Pods to prototype improved viewing experiences

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BlocPower & Bezos Earth Fund

BlocPower uses Solid Pods to enable data transparency and consent

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“We chose to work with Solid for the following reasons:
  • It is {...} essentially a set of standards so we can build our own, and crucially for this initial trial, we can dig deep into any aspect due to Solid's open-source nature.
  • It is web-native and embodies the principles of the web, especially universal access, which is one of the essential principles in the way we deliver our services.
  • There is a large and active developer community.
  • The commercial support on offer.”
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