Proving the possible: Introducing the Inrupt Enterprise Solid Server

Alongside Inrupt and the Solid community, major organizations are proving what’s possible in a new era of the web.
John Bruce, Inrupt CEO and Co-founder
November 9, 2020

Today, Inrupt is publicly releasing our enterprise-grade version of Solid — Sir Tim’s true vision for the web — to organizations and their development teams.

Our pilot partners have already started using this technology to build previously impossible new products and services; ones that truly benefit their users. Now the same opportunity is open to organizations all over the world.

A little over two years ago, I wrote about the “new world of opportunity” that Inrupt would catalyze; about the growing appetite for Solid, which “can free us from stifling data silos and create a ‘blank slate for innovation.’”

Since then, an impressive list of names — like the BBC, NatWest Bank, the UK's National Health Service, and the Flanders Government — has come together to fill in those “blank slates of innovation.” Alongside Inrupt and the Solid community, these organizations are proving what’s possible in a new era of the web.

The NHS is empowering patients with their own medical data to improve people’s health and lower care costs. The BBC and NatWest are finding that a user-centered approach to trust and data opens doors to smarter service delivery. And the Flanders government is about to prove that Solid can transform an entire citizen experience.

Together, these projects prove that when people are united with their data, everybody wins. You can read more about this value in this blog post from our CTO, Tim Berners-Lee.

Back in that 2018 post, I wrote, “Anything we can imagine is made possible.”  

The possible starts now.

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