enterprise solid server v2

With the launch of V2.0, Inrupt's Solid Server supports global-scale production

Updates to Inrupt’s innovative data software include features for compliant access to user data and enhanced interoperability with existing data
June 7, 2022

BOSTON — (June 7, 2022) Inrupt, a company building technology to transform the way organizations approach the web and unlock the full potential of user data, today announced the launch of Version 2.0 of its Enterprise Solid Server (ESS). Informed by the deployments of mission-critical use cases of leading governments and Global 2000 organizations, ESS 2.0 supports data interoperability for tens of millions of users while enabling high levels of security and regulatory compliance.

Solid, the technology behind ESS, allows for simpler organization of data, applications and identities on the web by distributing Pods (personal online data stores) that allow users to share, update, edit and make available data from multiple sources. With Pods on Inrupt’s ESS, enterprises and governments now have a data platform that can transform their users’ web experiences. Thanks to a direct relationship with users and their data, organizations can create dynamic new products and services built on trusted, comprehensive data.

In order to deliver the full value of the Solid technology, Inrupt has worked with leading governments around the world and organizations across multiple verticals — including retail, insurance, financial services and healthcare. Together, we’ve designed and built innovative solutions based on Solid Pod data.  

“Inrupt is a very important partner in our mission to strengthen citizen’s privacy, create an innovative platform for personal data sharing and data processing, and ultimately develop data-driven ecosystems with citizens in control of their data,” said Barbara van den Haute, Administrator General of Digital Flanders, the agency providing Solid Pods to all 6.5 million citizens of Flanders. “We’re excited by Inrupt’s latest release as it represents the next major milestone for our citizens, society and economic actors developing new applications and innovations.”

As a result of customer partnerships like these, ESS 2.0 focuses on the most important needs of organizations delivering Solid-based solutions, including secure and compliant access to user data, cloud-agnostic scalability, integration with existing data, and flexible identity solutions.

“There’s a growing demand by organizations and their users for a revamp of the way we store, utilize and manage data on the web. But vendors are tying themselves in knots trying to attend to the demand and to comply with increasing data regulations. ESS 2.0 gives ideal data control to users and organizations, in a way that supports regulatory compliance. As important, it also gives organizations a way to pivot their data strategy to create new services from data they already have, by integration with previous data platforms,” said John Bruce, CEO & Co-founder, Inrupt. “ESS 2.0 will be a potent platform for businesses and institutions as we move forward.”

ESS 2.0 introduces new capabilities around data access requests, identity management and interoperability with existing data sets, all while evolving its architecture so that customers can build robust and scalable deployments of ESS to support tens millions of users. With features like Access Request and Access Grants, organizations have the technical capability to access data in compliance with geographic data protection regulations, like GDPR. With a newly decoupled WebID service, organizations can now map multiple user identities to a single Pod. Additionally, improved developer tools mean that almost any organization will now be able to incorporate ESS 2.0 into its current data architecture, making it easy to leverage new and existing data sources.

These new capabilities combined with existing functionality will allow organizations to leverage the power of Solid. It further builds citizen and consumer trust, gives users easy and trusted access to vital digital services, and creates data-sharing economies for businesses and enterprises. By rethinking the way data is gathered, stored and used, Solid introduces a new era of innovation that builds long-lasting engagement and loyalty by adopting consumer-first relationships.

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