Inrupt and the Data Transfer Initiative Present:
Solid for Social Networks

A Solid Hackathon
September 11–October 1, 2023

Join us for a virtual Solid Hackathon

Be a part of the grand evolution of the web: Solid.

More than a mere protocol or concept, Solid represents a seismic shift, an unstoppable movement evolving daily with inspiring deployments taking root across the globe. It's the essential component to the web's third layer, the crucial jigsaw piece absent in 1989, now fitting perfectly in place.

As a part of our mission to propel data portability and interoperability to new heights, Inrupt, working together with the Data Transfer Initiative, proudly announces another Solid Hackathon. This event heralds new opportunities for developers worldwide to redefine the boundaries of innovation and creativity.

The Data Transfer Initiative works to build direct data portability tools that allow users to transfer their personal data between services, translating through adapters between interfaces and different data representations. Helping empower users through data is core to DTI’s mission and the Inrupt/DTI partnership in this event is natural. 

The theme of this fall's Solid Hackathon is Solid for Social Networks. Social is booming and decentralization is on the rise, but all too often, data isn’t the focus. Empowering users to be in control of their data, including managing data access and migrating data to host it on their terms, is one lever to close that gap.

Calling all innovators interested in architecting unique Solid experiences for their users! Give wings to your app ideas and take flight amidst an electric community of like-minded developers at this hackathon.

The rewards for your innovation? Not only the thrill of competition and camaraderie, but also cash prizes. The team claiming first place will be awarded the sum of $2500, and the second-place team will receive $500. Both teams will enjoy the opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking projects at an upcoming Solid World event.

Join us on this exciting journey of technological evolution. It's your time to make a difference, to make a mark, to become a part of the next phase of the web.

Key Dates

September 11: Registration deadline.

September 11–October 1:
Time to think, design and build your application.

Participants will have access to a dedicated Slack workspace for guidance and support.

October 1: Submission deadline.

October 2–6:
Judging takes place.