Enterprise Solid Server

Unite personal data where it belongs,
with people

A production-grade Solid server produced and supported by Inrupt.

Solid Pods break down the barriers to the most innovative uses of data, while earning user trust.

On top of the core functionality of all Solid Pods, the Inrupt Enterprise Solid Server also offers:

Advanced security

Secure your systems with Auditing, end-to-end TLS encryption, and OIDC/OAuth access control features and support.

Operational tooling

Operate a production system with confidence via native monitoring, distributed logging, backup/restore, and simple integration with industry leading ops platforms.


ESS’s microservices architecture enables simple scaling, high performance, and support for highly available deployment configurations.


Inrupt offers up to 24/7 support for operators and developers with a commercial license for ESS.

How Solid Pods unlock data

Today's enterprise
User data decays in silos, disconnected from the people who value it most.

Tomorrow's potential
Organizations unite user data with users, kicking off a cycle of mutual trust and innovation.

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