Enterprise Solid Server

Your data platform for all

A Solid server that operationalizes Pods for millions of customers.

Provide a place for customers to curate their authentic data

Infrastructure software
Organizations deploy the Enterprise Solid Server in their cloud or on-prem environments to securely host personal data stores (Pods) for their customers or citizens.
Pods store data about a customer in an interoperable format. Pod data can come from multiple approved sources. It's reusable across apps and services.
Approved apps can directly access any of the data in a customer's Pod, with consent. Customers choose how much access to allow.
Customers curate their Pod data so organizations can provide the experiences they want.

Data to power individualized customer experiences

Pods are a platform of reusable data, for organizations and their customers. Pod benefits include user-centricity, data quality, interoperability and privacy compliance.
Pods make all kinds of customer data available from a single place.
Data Quality
Customers keep their Pod data relevant and up-to-date so they can enjoy better services.
Pod data is stored in an Open Standard format so it can be reused across applications.
Privacy Compliance
Customers grant regulation-neutral permissions to access Pod data.
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As an enterprise Solid implementation that is a secure and privacy-by-design built production ready server, it allows us to operate under demanding SLAs.
David Van den Brande
Enterprise Architect & CTO Digital Vlaanderen
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The BBC is setting out a gold standard for personal data management within the media industry.
Eleni Sharp
Head of Product in BBC Research & Development

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