PodSpaces Asia Pacific expands ability for organizations to leverage the power of Solid

Inrupt is expanding its free Solid developer tier offering, PodSpaces, for developers in the Asia Pacific region
Geoff Pirie
November 7, 2022

Today we announce an exciting and important enhancement to Inrupt’s mission of promoting a course correction to the web, based on the principles of Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid technology.

Solid has now become a movement, growing every day with some exciting deployments going live around the world. Solid is being adopted globally by governments, enterprises, and developers. It is being used for mission-critical applications and to manage highly sensitive data. Solid is more than just a protocol, a concept, or a technology vision. It is a movement that allows collaboration, communication, and commerce to evolve toward the original intent of the open world of web standards.

Considering all of this exciting progress, it is my pleasure to announce that Inrupt is expanding its free Solid developer tier offering, PodSpaces, for developers in the Asia Pacific region. PodSpaces will now provide low latency in these regions for users evaluating Solid. PodSpaces significantly reduces the upfront cost of deploying and managing infrastructure in order to evaluate the role of Solid in your stack.

Developers in Asia Pacific can now experience Inrupt’s Enterprise Solid Server (ESS) on a locally hosted free tier development environment. This offering enables these developers to begin evaluating Solid and building innovative applications.

PodSpaces' new global availability, coupled with the functionality of the Enterprise Solid Server, will enable organizations around the globe to leverage the power of Solid. It is exciting to announce this enhancement and see how this growing Solid movement is spreading across the globe.

Visit PodSpaces here to get started.

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