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Web 3.0 refers to the current step in the evolution of the web, which balances the relationship among organizations, users, and their data. Solid technology can achieve these goals by storing data in interoperable Solid Pods.

What is Web 3.0?

Solid basics

What is a Solid Pod?
What is a Solid Pod?

In this video we talk about Solid Pods. We define what a Solid Pod is, consider its place on the web, and examine its potential.

What is Solid?
What is Solid?

We discuss what the Solid standard and its components are, and conclude with introducing the Enterprise Solid Server as an implementation of the Solid standard and an infrastructure to host Solid Pods at scale.

What is Enterprise Solid Server (ESS)?
What is ESS?

Explore the Enterprise Solid Server. We start by defining what it is, and then dive into its components pertaining to the Pod Lifecycle, Authentication, Authorization, and Data management.

What is a WebID?
What is a WebID?

In this video we talk about WebID, and a WebID Profile. To get our own WebID and Solid Pod we use PodSpaces, which is an Inrupt hosted version of ESS for testing and evaluation.

The web today

Who are you on the World Wide Web, and why was it created? Learn about the history of the web — and the transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 — as well as the importance of interoperability on the web.

Who are you on the web?

What is the scope of data that exists about a person online? In this video we explore the current state of personal data. If you are a frequent user of the web, then this video is for you.

The grand design of the WebThe grand design of the web

In this video we talk about the World Wide Web. We discuss what led to the creation of the web by examining the initial problem that needed solving and the idea behind its solution.

The recent state of the WebThe recent state of the web

In this video we talk about Web 2.0 — the state of the web for roughly the last 15 years, since CSS and JavaScript took over the industry.

What is interoperability?What is interoperability?

What is interoperability? We define and explore the concept of interoperability and reusable data on the Web.

Linked Data

Learn the basics of Linked Data and how it is essential to enabling interoperability on the web. We dive into Linked Data Principles, the Semantic Web, and common RDF syntaxes like Turtle and JSON-LD.

What is Linked Data?What is Linked Data?

What is Linked Data and how it is the key to introducing interoperability back to the World Wide Web? We start by reviewing what interoperability means and then define Linked Data.

Linked Data in the WildLinked Data in the wild

How are Linked Data Principles used on the Web today? We take a glimpse into the world of a more interoperable web.

What is a Triple?What is a Triple?

See how Linked Data is implemented and works in practice.

Readable TurtleReadable Turtle

We continue our exploration of Turtle, which is a common RDF syntax, using an example that we started working with in the previous video.

Turtle to JSON-LDTurtle to JSON-LD

Learn about JSON-LD, which is a common RDF syntax. For this topic we use an example that we started to work with in the previous two videos.