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Tools for Mission-critical Deployments in Inrupt’s Version 2.1 Release

Updates to the Enterprise Solid Server include significant improvements to its robust scaling, availability, and performance capabilities.
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Dan VanHoozer, Principal Product Marketing Manager
March 28, 2023

Today we announce the general availability of the version 2.1 release of Inrupt’s Enterprise Solid Server (ESS). 

Solid is currently powering mission-critical deployments and new applications around the world. To support this adoption, v2.1 of the Enterprise Solid Server includes significant improvements to its robust scaling, availability, and performance capabilities. Additionally, v2.1 represents an exciting milestone for Inrupt and Solid’s developer community. The release includes Beta support for Java client libraries, an expansion of our free developer tier in Asia Pacific, and a new Solid Developer training program specifically for large organizations.  

Mission critical deployment readiness

The following features were developed and integrated into version 2.1 to accommodate for the production-grade readiness expected by Inrupt’s enterprise customers and their millions of users.

Scale, Performance, and Compliance 

With v2.1, ESS now includes improved server statistics and metrics to help operators better understand their deployments. ESS improves auditing capabilities with support for additional audit events, includes additional metadata to all audit events, and enables audit filtering as well as additional configurations. To aid with stability and operations, v2.1 adds installation validation tests, which are important tools for operators to ensure an installation was successful. Finally, Inrupt has begun the process to achieve ISO 27001 certification with a projected completion early in 2024.  

Access Grants

Access Requests and Access Grants allow applications and entities to request access to data on a Pod, which Pod Owners may authorize, reject, and revoke. This gives applications and organizations the ability to request access to data directly from people with their consent. In turn, people have fine-grained transparency and control over who has access to their data and how it is used. In v2.1, Access Grants will now support permissioning for contained resources as well as the container itself. This enhancement improves the developer experience and makes user flows more simple and intuitive. 

Inrupt and Solid Developer Community

Beta Java client libraries

As part of Inrupt’s commitment to empower developers everywhere to do their best work and build amazing new experiences, we’ve created open source client libraries for Java application development. As the most popular programming language for enterprise application development, we are excited to make available a Beta version of these enterprise-grade libraries so developers can build Solid Java applications for their projects and deployments. 

Inrupt is also excited to announce its second hackathon. Beginning on April 10, the Inrupt Solid Hackathon will give developers the opportunity to try out any of Inrupt's enterprise-grade client libraries, including Java. If you’re interested in building new Solid experiences for users or kickstarting a new app idea, please join us alongside a diverse community of developers by registering today. 

PodSpaces APAC

Inrupt is expanding its free Solid developer tier offering, PodSpaces, for developers in the Asia Pacific region (APAC). PodSpaces will now provide low latency in these regions for users evaluating Solid. PodSpaces significantly reduces the upfront cost of deploying and managing infrastructure in order to evaluate the role of Solid in your stack.

Developers in Asia Pacific can now experience Inrupt’s Enterprise Solid Server (ESS) on a hosted free tier development environment local to the region. This offering enables these developers to begin evaluating Solid and building innovative applications. Visit PodSpaces to get started. 

Developer 101 Training Course

Primarily for organizational developers, Inrupt is launching a new, instructor-led training course to facilitate development teams to build Solid applications with Inrupt’s client libraries. This workshop includes lectures, guided discussions, group projects, and hands-on exercises to give customers and partners working knowledge of all major areas of Inrupt products and Solid technology. For more information, please contact us.  

Inrupt is also excited to announce that it will release free online basics and fundamentals training for Solid in the coming months. Soon, anyone will be able to learn about the state of the web today and the value of the Solid specifications and technologies, like ESS, for organizations and individuals. 

Solid Movement

Solid is inspiring organizations and individuals alike. It is more than just a protocol, a concept, or a technology. Solid is a movement. As the vital piece of the third layer of the web, I’m confident that the Solid ecosystem will continue to grow every day with exciting deployments and applications going live around the world. 

For a full list of ESS capabilities along with the new v2.1 functionality, visit the Inrupt documentation and release notes

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